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Penglai Huaan Basalt Pipeline Co.,Ltd was established in 2003, by absorbing the production technology and equipment of the former Huadian (penglai) Cast Stone Co., Ltd., which, combined with the cast basalt production technology and equipment on behalf of the world advanced level, are innovated and improved. We invest RMB20 million to build a production line of an annual output of 9000 tons of the Penglai cast basalt.The cast basalt products of our company rank the first in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of product quality, production scale, and technical force. 

Penglai cast basalt possesses a very good perfomance of wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance, ordinary metals and non-metallic wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials can not match. Our main products are cast basalt pipe, castbasalt lined steel pipe, cast basalt tile, cast basalt powder, easy-flexible joint, etc.. These products have been widely used in the badly worn and corroded parts of the industrial sector such as electric power, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, etc.. They can extend the service life of the components or equipment, which is ten times or even several times than the other materials.


For the past three decades, throughout the country, more than 1.6 thousand km Penglai cast basalt lines steel pipes and more than 200 thousand tons of Penglai cast basalt tiles have been safely and effectively worked in wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance engineering, which makes an unparalleled contribution to the wear- resistance and corrosion - resistance cause.

In 2008, according to the market development situation, our company decides promptly to build a new cast basalt production line,which has put into operation in December 2008, and so far the annual output of the cast stone direct products reached 17,000 tons.

In 2010, in accordance with the demand of the product diversification of the market, our company increases the crystallite cast basalt tile and wear-resistant ceramic, and provides customers with a variety of wear-resistant solutions.

Modern management, pursuit of new technologies and new products, technology combination with the China Building Materials Academy of Sciences, Our company can ensure to provide domestic and international customers with first-class products and services.



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