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Cast basalt product description----physical and chemical performance




2900-3000 kg/m3


min 8 Mohts           






depth max loss 110 mm3   

Water absorption


temperature resistance

400 C

Resistance to temperature shock

150 C


             Chemical substance ( weight %)
SiO2 AL2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 CaO MgO K2O Na2O FeO P2O5
43.13-44.12 12.50-13.52 8.64-9.50 2.02-2.62 9.05-10.22 8.65-10.47 1.40-1.75 4.62-5.28 4.82-6.25 1.10-1.38

Characteristics of cast basalt products: a single raw material, melting at low temperature, rapid crystallization, and rapid annealing.

(1) Single basalt material: Penglai basalt stone and cast basalt have very similar chemical composition, so without adding any auxiliary materials, Penglai basalt stone can be directly produced into excellent cast basalt products according with standard. Single basalt material not only simplify the production process, more important is to ensure the quality of magma. Although main and auxiliary materials proportioning on careful measurement, since that the granularity of main and auxiliary materials is different.This will cause magma is not uniform, so that the chemical composition of the magma is not stable.Compared to this, the single basalt material has better chemical stability, fundamentally ensure the quality of the magma.

(2) Low temperature melting: melting temperature from the past about 1500 ℃ to 1300 ℃, low temperature melting not only prolong the service life of the furnace, the clayey refractory material gets out of the threshold temperature of the working conditions, the life of the furnace can be extended more than six times, but also low temperature melting reduces about 10% fuel.

(3) Rapid crystallization: magma can complete crystal in shape inside the pipe centrifuge in four minutes. the magma in the gravity tile mould can complete crystallization process in 2 minutes,.then de-moulds and anneals. Compared with ingredients production, it shortens 2 minutes respectively in crystallization. Penglai basalt contains about 14% FeO and Fe2O3 which can generate Magnetite crystal nucleus in weak oxidation atmosphere, low temperature melting system retains tiny un-melting original mineral particles, the particles have good crystallization "memory". So in the process of forming, the crystallization center promotes crystallization.

(4) Rapid annealing, rapid annealing kiln built in 1989, cast basalt annealing time cuts from 100 hours to 33 hours, shorten the production cycle of products, meet the requirement of users order.

Cast basalt products and other wear-resisting materials performance comparison

Several kinds of materials’ wear in the same test conditions

◆ test conditions

◆ Grinding block size: 20×25×19mm      grinding block material: brown soluble aluminium

◆ Particle size: 46 mesh size

◆ Rotate speed: 6 m/sec   pressure: 4 kg    test time: 60 min